1st December 2013

Tell Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi and to make sure their greenhouses recycle or safely dispose of their waste.

A sperm whale that washed up in Spain died after swallowing almost 60 different pieces of plastic dumped by the greenhouses that supply Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi.

This 4.5 tonne whale was defeated by 17 kg of plastic waste, including two dozen sections of the transparent sheeting used to cover industrial greenhouses. There's no excuse for these giant supermarkets' failure to ensure their suppliers recycle and safely dispose of their deadly waste - but as long as they're given a free pass, plastic will continue to swamp our oceans each year, and more whales will die.

Tell Tesco, Carrefour and Aldi and to make sure their greenhouses recycle or safely dispose of their waste.

1st September 2013

The Wonderful Moser Lamp

Alfredo Moser's invention is lighting up the world. In 2002, the Brazilian mechanic had a light-bulb moment and came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity - using nothing more than plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach. In the last t ...

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30th July 2013

An urgent threat to the Great Barrier Reef

It would be hard to make this stuff up. Australia's legendarily irresponsible mining industry has a new plan:while the planet faces catastrophic climate change, build the world's largest coal mining complex, and then build a shipping lane to that port straight through the greatest ecological treasure we have - the Great Barrier Reef!

This is a terrible idea with devastating consequences, and the investor group Aurizon that's backing it know it. They're getting cold feet, and we might be able to push them over the edge, and kill the project. One of the main potential funders has even donated to climate activism!

If one million of us express our head-shaking disbelief at this crazy project in the next few days, we can help get Aurizon to pull funding and maybe even persuade the Australian PM to step in.This is what Avaaz is for, let's raise a voice for common sense!

Please sign this petition.

28th June 2013

Vote to make Ecocide a crime to protect our future

The Law of Ecocide

The destruction of our environment is a crime. A crime for which those responsible should be held accountable. This crime has a name: Ecocide.

Eco-cide derives from the Greek oikos meaning house or home and the Latin caedere meaning strike down, demolish, kill. It literally translates to killing our home.

Why we need it

  • to act as one law to end different types of environmental destruction
  • to preserve and protect biodiversity
  • to protect entire ecosystems, not just individual elements such as soil, air, fauna & flora
  • to trigger the transformation to a green economy
  • to honour our duty to future generations
  • to contribute to a shift in values to give the earth its own rights

Visit this website to view a video and sign the petition

29th May 2013

Enough Food for Everyone IF

There is enough food for everyone, but 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night. With a child dying every 15 seconds from hunger, this is the silent scandal and injustice of our age.

On June 17th, David Cameron and other G8 leaders have a chance to tackle the causes of hunger and save millions of lives.

Watch the video and then

Join us, and make your voice heard

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28th February 2013

Campaign Update: Shell abandons 2013 Arctic Drilling!

Last year we promoted a Greenpeace campaign to protect the Arctic from drilling for oil By Shell. On the 27th Feb 2013, Shell announced it's giving up on plans to drill for oil in the Arctic in this year.

It's amazing news, because it means no drilling in the pristine waters of Alaska this year. And the pressure you put on Shell helped make this possible.

But the fight isn't over. We've got a real opportunity to stop industrial exploitation in the Arctic, forever.

Let's urge President Obama to make the Arctic off limits to industrial exploitation, forever.


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31st January 2013

Oil Showdown in the Amazon

There is one area of the Ecuadorian Amazon that is so pristine that the whole ecosystem has been preserved and even jaguars roam free! But the government is now threatening to go in and drill for oil.

The local indigenous people have been resisting, but they are afraid that oil companies will break up the community with bribes. When they heard that people across the world might stand with them and make a stink to save their land, they were thrilled. The president of Ecuador claims to stand for indigenous rights and the environment, but he has just come up with a new plan to bring oil speculators in to 4 million hectares of jungle. If we can say 'wait a minute, you're supposed to be the green president who says no one can buy Ecuador', we could expose him for turning his back on his commitments just as he is fighting for re-election.

He doesn't want a PR nightmare right now. If we get a million of us to help this one community defend their ancestral land and challenge the president openly to keep to his word, we could start a media storm that would make him reconsider the whole plan. Sign the petition now and tell everyone -- let's help save this beautiful forest