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31st March 2012

Campaign Over: Sign up to Save the Arctic


Shell have abandonned its plans to drill in the Arctic for 2013.

The pristine and beautiful Arctic: Shell wants to exploit it for oil.

We want to protect it. This summer Shell wants to start drilling in the melting Arctic waters. Drilling in this fragile ecosystem - home to the polar bear, narwhal, Arctic fox and other iconic species - is unacceptable. A spill or accident in these waters would be disastrous and the harsh conditions would make responding to such a disaster almost impossible.Demand Shell stop their plans to put the fragile Arctic and its biodiversity at risk. 

Click on the link above to ask Shell to abandon their plans to drill in the Arctic.

11th March 2012

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight Is being celebrated in Crediton with a BANNER opposite Mole Avon and with Apricot Aid on Sat 3 March at 10am There will be a walk from St Lawrence Green, Crediton, to the Farmers' Market in support of fair trade apricot producers. Enjoy tasters and watch video about ap ...

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17th January 2012

Peru: Uprising Against Gold

More than 8,000 farmers have been guarding dozens of mountain lakes at an altitude of 4,000 meters in the Peruvian Andes. The natural water reservoirs are acutely threatened by gold mining. The lakes are vital as water sources for livestock and agriculture in the valley. The farmers are calling on the new Peruvian president to fulfill his campaign promise and speak out against the Conga gold and copper mining project. Please sign the petition and help the people of Cajamarca defend their fundamental rights and water sources.