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30th November 2011

Save our Marine Conservation Zones

After years of pressure from The Wildlife Trusts and other groups such as the RSPB and a huge amount of public support, the Marine and Coastal Access Act of 2009 promised us an ecologically coherent network of 127 Marine Protected Areas around the coast by 2012.

So are we any closer to achieving this? It is our understanding that perhaps only 30 - 40 sites will be designated next year. 2012 provides this Government with the opportunity to make real progress with protecting our seas and restoring them to health. And we have to remember that healthy seas are good for wildlife, good for fisherman and good for those of us who visit the seaside and essential if we are going to tackle climate change.

We need to ensure that the government gets a clear message that this is what Society wants. We need to demonstrate the importance and urgency of the network to the Parliament Under-Secretary for Natural Environment and Fisheries, Richard Benyon MP, and ensure that Defra does not reduce the number of Marine Conservation Zones going forward for consultation in 2012. We would be very grateful if you could email or write to the Minister highlighting your concerns using the suggested letter at the above link

31st October 2011

Avaaz hits 10 million people

Are you an Avaaz supporter? It is the biggest movement in global history to bring ordinary people together to stand up for justice: climate justice, resource depletion justice, humanitarian justice. It costs nothing to receive their emails and respond to their campaigns but a few seconds of ...

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2nd May 2011

Save our Environmental laws

It was recently revealed that the government might scrap vital laws which protect wildlife and the countryside and help stop climate change. Hardliners have branded the rules 'red tape' and say they could be scrapped within months. 38 Degrees, the campaigning organisation, has set up a petition to remind David Cameron that he promised to run "the greenest government ever". Please take 30 seconds to speak up for legal protection for wildlife and the environment.

The Government's "Red Tape" consultation is open for public comment. Please take 5 minutes and let the Government know how you feel about this.

30th March 2011

Climate Change

Climate change is real, humans cause it, we must act - an Australian viewpoint

5th March 2011

Fairtrade Crediton ‘Cotton On’

Show off your Label - whatever FairTrade you bring /wear. Shared food and drinks, then Abdoulaye Diakite's presentation about cotton in Mali. Free admission. Donations welcome ...

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28th February 2011

Join the campaign for cotton trade justice

Add your voice to the The Great Cotton Stitch Up campaign, and join the campaign for cotton trade justice.

28th February 2011

The Good News on People Power

Some really good news to report this month and proof that people power is making a huge difference.

If you want to see more good news like this in future please register to receive the campaigning emails from these organisations and then add your support. If you have never done this before it takes just moments to do and it is really working - see the evidence below:

The UK Government has cancelled the proposed sale of our state owned forests thanks to a massive public outcry. This campaign was supported by 350.org and 38 Degrees.

The proposed mega dairy farm set to house 2,500 cows permanently indoors with no access to grass or daylight at Nocton in Lincolnshire has been refused planning permission. This campaign was supported by Friends of the Earth, 350.org and Avaaz.

Sinar Mas, Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), has unveiled a plan to stop destroying forests and peatlands in Indonesia. For years their palm oil plantations fuelled deforestation across Indonesia - now their pledge could help tackle climate change and save large areas of forest. This campaign was run by Greenpeace

and more good news:

Italy bans shops handing out plastic bags

16th January 2011

'No, Not in My Name'

In April 2011 the EU, backed by the world's drug industry, intends to bring in legislation to control the strength of all natural health supplements that can be sold in the UK and Europe and to ban some entirely. This is supposedly being done to regulate health products to 'safe' dosage levels, but many in the natural health industry believe that it is a back door way of the drugs industry gaining control over natural health products which they have previously had no influence over.

The 'No, Not in My Name' campaign aims to gather 5 million signatures by the end of March to present to Parliament saying UK citizens want the right to choose which health supplements they use and at what
strengths. If you agree please sign the petition and read more about this whole silent subject on which the powers that be hope to pass legislation without the general public even noticing!