Photograph of a Gerald and Laura Conyngham on their arrival in Copenhagen
18th December 2009

Copenhagen Summit

Laura and Gerald cycled 140 miles of the journey to Copenhagen! The took with them messages from Crediton Arts Centre, Crediton Parish Church, Queen Elizabeth Community College, Landscore Primary School, Haywards Primary School, Cheriton Fitzpaine Cricket Club, Sandford Beavers, Sandford Co ...

5th December 2009

The Wave

JOIN THE WAVE - the biggest London climate demonstration ever in the run up to the Copenhagen UN talks. Put pressure on governments - they must get the right agreement! Support the efforts of Laura and Gerald Conyngham who are taking our messages to Copenhagen by bike. A coach is booked f ...

3rd December 2009

Update on the 350 campaign and Copenhagen Climate talks

Laura and I are getting ready for our bike ride to Copenhagen which starts on Dec 8th at Stansted (we are going to Stansted by train, not flying!!).  We shall be taking the Crediton Counts pledges with us which will be given to Desmond Tutu who will then give them to UN officials.  We hope to attend some of the sessions since we have observer status through an American Quaker organisation.

14 organisations and 307 individuals in and around Crediton signed pledge forms.  Angela Browning (our MP) will be presenting a petition to Parliament based on these pledges and has also signed up herself. Laura and I had a good meeting with her on Friday although we arrived half an hour late owing to traffic works near Bickleigh but fortunately she was still there! She was very receptive and will be introducing the petition, based on what we gave her, to the House of Commons sometime this week or next.

Laura also managed to get a letter featured in the Guardian recently on the subject of the successful Crediton Counts Campaign and how it dovetails with our  trip to Copenhagen.

We shall give a report to you on our experiences when we get back and hope to hold some meetings in the New Year.

In the meantime have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Gerald and Laura Conyngham

Editors note: It is not too late to sponsor Gerald and Laura's bike ride to Copenhagen which is in aid of Christian Aid.

Photograph taken by Kate Bailey at the 350 event in Crediton in 2009
24th October 2009

Crediton Counts 350 - What was all the fuss about?

Over 300 CCA supporters and friends gathered in Town Square Crediton for the biggest CCA event yet held. It was part of the 350.org international Climate Change awareness event held simultaneously at over 5,000 locations in over 178 countries worldwide. We had tremendous fun with live music ...

Close-up photograph of the 10:10 necklace
1st October 2009

What is 10/10?

10:10 is the national effort to cut the UK's emissions by 10% in 2010. Please sign-up today. By committing to cut your emissions by 10% in 2010, you will join thousands of individuals and organisations all actively helping stop climate change by making simple changes to their lifestyles, homes and businesses. More importantly, your voice will be part of the national demand that the UK Government acts quickly to cut our country's emissions as a whole. If we in the UK can prove that fast, deep cuts can be made at a national level, then we may just inspire all the other big polluting countries to follow suit. 

Cutting 10% in one year is a bold target, but an achievable one, and is in line with what scientists say we need over the next 18 months.

10:10 is the perfect opportunity to discover what's possible when we work together.

So how can we get started in Crediton? Sign up now!

25th April 2009

News From the Climate Camp at G20 summit

'Nature doesnt do bail-outs' was the slogan at the front of the climate camp in Bishopsgate which I attended during the G20 conference in London.  I went with some Quaker colleagues and was highly impressed with the passion and commitment of those taking part, most of whom were in their 20s and 30s. There was  a carnival type atmosphere with music and singing, as well as serious workshops on issues such as carbon trading and preparing for Copenhagen. The camp was totally peaceful and non-violent and I left just before the police moved in to break up the camp and hold people in a 'kettle' for over 4 hours, not allowing anyone to leave.  Whilst direct action may not be for everyone, I believe we need to use every method at our disposal to draw attention to the scale of the problem we face in global warming.

Gerald Conyngham

Logo for NotStupid.org
25th March 2009

Sign the Copenhagen Pledge

The action campaign of the Age of Stupid film. Sign a pledge card for sending to the Prime Minister and other politicians.