5th June 2008

Global Water Challenges - Can We Avert the Crisis?

Low Carbon Exeter talk Musa M. Abseno is an Ethiopian water resources expert, currently living in Exeter and engaged in a postgraduate research on international water law and policy at the UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science at the University of Dundee. He also advises the Minis ...

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9th April 2008

Lobbying request - Help Stop Detrimental Changes to the Planning Laws

Tackling climate change with the Planning Bill

The government is currently discussing major changes to the planning system that could mean that major new developments such as power stations and airports will not have to consider the impacts on climate change when they are built.

But it's not too late. This is the perfect time for you to influence  this debate.  We'd like you to ask your MP to support crucial amendments to the Planning Bill. 

Please contact  your MP and ask them to support these changes. 

Best wishes Tom Wright Climate Campaigner, Friends of the Earth