8th December 2007

National Climate March Global Day of Action

Speakers to include Chris Huhne MP, George Monbiot,Caroline Lucas MEP,Michael Meacher MP. Join people all around the world to demand that world leaders act now to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to engulf us all. From Maurice Spurway in Exeter: I'm co-ordinating a "4 travel for ...

Logo for Friends of the Earth
16th November 2007

Climate Change Bill - How Can YOU help?

You may have heard on the news that the Government has taken the unusual step of putting this bill to the House of Lords BEFORE it is debated by the House of Parliament. Friends of the Earth are asking us to write to local lords in our area in the next two weeks to persuade them of the vital nature of passing the bill. Whatever its limitations it is the first bill of its kind in the world and means that the UK are taking a lead on tackling climate change. You can find out how to locate a lord near us and what to write by visiting the link above.

Incidentally Charles Mossman who alerted us to the above has also discoverd that, in the Govts final report on the climate change bill, CCA gets a big mention on Page 123 - so our actions do make a difference nationally!!