Review of Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 11/2017


Moor Farm, Near Morchard Bishop EX17 6RX GoogleMap

Wooding today. We are working our way down through a Devon valley, coppicing the hazel and taking out unwanted species. The main purpose is to reinvigorate the ecosystem of a managed woodland, to let in light allowing greater biodiversity. The bi-product of brash gives an environmental niche for a range of fauna, cordwood gives the coppicers a reward for their efforts. The weather was dry, overcast, mild 10 deg C, with a slight breeze. I set off with hope, optimism and a chain saw. I soon found myself stripped to my T-shirt, dripping sweat, with steamed glasses. I felled and processed a large hazel stool, with able and willing support, ............. one was Hazel Underwood, you can't make this up. The main topic at lunch break was disease, failure and dying. This may reflect the demography of the group. Unloading the truck on arriving home, I thought of Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band "What can I tell my wife? Honey, I have been beaten up again", [Death cab for Cutie]? I certainly felt that way. It was a good day, slightly undermined with worries about the air quality in London.

Report by Eddie Kay


We will continue to coppice in the woods at Moor Farm.


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Chainsaw Use at Moor Farm

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