Why are street trees in towns important?

Trees encourage wildlife, add colour and soften the hard landscape of concrete and tarmac - particularly important for people walking or cycling along busy roads.

But did you know that ....

Trees increase property values

Property in tree-less streets is worth 18% less than buildings in roads that have trees.

Trees improve air quality & reduce traffic pollution

Asthma rates for children fall 25% for every extra 350 trees per square kilometre.

Tree foliage and bark collect dust and traffic emission particles which are then washed into the ground by rain, thus cleaning the air.

Trees combat global warming

Trees help to lock up carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

Water run-off is reduced by 2% for every 5% of tree cover added.

A tree-less street is 5.5C (10F) warmer than a tree-lined one in hot summers.