Urban Planting

Photograph of Crediton Market Square

Trees are of universal benefit to people and wildlife. Governments and councils recognise this and Devon County Council has stated its published resolves in their Greening the UK documents:

  • more properly maintained planting of trees
  • increase the amount of tree and shrub planting required within planning approvals
  • a higher level of planting
  • greater emphasis on enforcing the delivering of green spaces

These principles are also reflected in Mid-Devon District Council's policy.

We want MDDC planners to require developers to incorporate tree planting in their plans and to plant trees along the frontage of residential buildings bordering busy roads. 

Please contact us, if there a piece of ground near you where a tree could be planted!

Why are street trees in towns important?

Trees encourage wildlife, add colour and soften the hard landscape of concrete and tarmac - particularly important for people walking or cycling along busy roads. But did you know that .... Trees increase property values Property in tree-less streets is worth 18% less than buildings in ...

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Wildlife friendly gardening

"Gardens are life-savers for wildlife: There are around 15 million gardens in the UK - that's about 270,000 Wembley stadiums. What you do in your garden makes a difference!" The Devon Wildlife Trust has some handy tips for encouraging wildlife in your own garden. ...

Plant Tracker

Plant Tracker - a mobile phone app to help you protect the environment

Invasive non-native plant species are a threat to native wildlife in the UK. These plants are spreading quickly across the UK. They displace native species and detrimentally affect the ecology of many vulnerable habitats. The first step in tackling this problem is accurately determining wh ...

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