Woodland Trust Nature Survey

The Woodland Trust


Photograph of bramble flowers by Hans Hillewaert

Did you know that The Woodland Trust have a wonderful site where you can set up a personal calendar to record sightings of wildlife?

Researchers are using the data collated from Nature's Calendar in numerous ongoing studies to answer questions such as:

  • Is temperature the only cue that influences when species come into flower or leaf, or breed, or are other factors such as day length involved, and does this vary geographically?
  • What causes geographical differences in phenology of a species, particularly the balance between genetics and environmental factors?
  • How have recent cold winter temperatures affected flowering of hawthorn and blackthorn?
  • Does abundance of ripe fruit on holly and bramble in autumn indicate a harsh winter to come? 


The site has maps for trees, flowers, birds, insects plus more!

  • Find out if Spring really is arriving earlier each year
  • See how different birds are responding to climate change
  • Track which insects are thriving through the changing weather patterns and which are losing out

The web-site is full of fascinating information and beautifull illustrations as well as practical advice and tools for recording your data.