Tree Guide

Mid Devon District Council


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Mid Devon District Council is firmly committed to maintaining and enhancing the areas trees and woodlands, as a vital part of the environment. In their publication on Tree Guidance they have detailed the benefits:   

Trees are important, because they:

  • Provide shade, making streets and buildings cooler in summer
  • Help to improve air quality by reducing dust and absorbing some of the pollution
  • Help to reduce traffic noise
  • Help to reduce local wind speeds
  • Provide food and shelter for wildlife
  • Reduce the effects of flash flooding
  • Improve the look and feel of our towns and villages
  • Create focal points

Have you ever thought about planting a tree on the grass verge outside of your house?  If you would like to, you can contact the MDDC Planning Office (by email  or phone 01884 234260 / 23426), who will then contact the organisation responsible for maintaining the verges in your area.