The Great British Elm Experiment

We have just purchased and planted an elm sapling cultivated from one of about 20 elm trees still alive and healthy in the UK which have stubbornly and magnificently resisted dutch elm disease for the past 50 years. It cost us just £19.50 plus p&p which we think is a very worthwhile investment in the future.

The sapling arrived well packaged and in a pot from Great British Elm Experiment and has been planted out in the meadow at the bottom of our garden with some protection from the wind to help it get established. We have registered it on The Conservation Foundation website where the location of all the young trees that have been planted in the UK can be seen.  They will ask us to periodically monitor its progress and report back to them.

Over 2,000 young elms have so far been planted in many parts of the UK as part of the experiment. There is no guarantee they will resist dutch elm disease. However if they do how fantastic it will be to have been involved in beginning to re-populate the UK with this wonderful tree. The elm was once a much loved part of the countryside scene here in Mid Devon and was an invaluable wildlife resource. 

Perhaps other Sustainable Crediton supporters who have some space might like to join us in this venture so we could see a population of elms growing healthily in mid Devon once more during our life times and leave a natural legacy for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.