Fruit Trees in Devon

Crediton has a strong tradition of fruit tree growing, particularly apples. It used to be full of orchards. Most have now been lost to development. The remaining ones are still under threat.

We campaign to protect old orchards and encourage the planting of new fruit trees and are in contact with the following organisations to this end:

  • Common Grounds
  • Orchards Live
  • Devon County Council Environment Dept
  • The People's Trust for Endangered Species
  • The National Trust
  • Natural England
  • Devon Wildlife Trust

Planting fruit trees provides us with free fresh fruit and attractive blossom, while also benefiting wildlife (especially birds and pollinating insects).

More information about Crediton's old orchards is available in my booklet, "Here's to Thee, Old Apple Tree" (contact me for details or see the review in the MarketPlace). 

If you are concerned about the loss of old orchards and/or would like to be involved in encouraging the growth of new fruit trees then please contact us.