4th September 2019

Black Hawk and The Wood Group

Black Hawk being a beautiful Dales Pony. Click the heading for the video of our latest recruit hard at work! Sustainable Crediton Wood Group meets regularly from October to March. Most of our work currently is coppicing, with some hedging and general woodland maintenance. We will continue to work ...

18th March 2018

Ivy- Friend or Foe

The issue of ivy and trees is one of those matters where it is all down to personal opinion. To some, it is a pernicious weed that smothers the natural form of trees and on which constant war must be waged. To others, it is an essential part of the wildlife habitat, providing shelter and food for a ...

29th January 2016

Please Support Crediton Community Woodland

Crediton Community Woodlands group has been recently set up with the following objectives: To create and develop woodlands for the benefit of present and future communities in Crediton and District To reduce risk of flooding in Crediton and District and to minimise run-off from local fields. To ...

19th September 2015

Wood Working the Anglo-Saxon way

Pole Lathe Turning How did wood-turning work before the age of the electric motor? The lathes were powered by a treadle and a springy pole and wood was turned 'green' - often in the coppice woods where it had been felled. Devon Rural Skills Trust held a pole-lathe day at the South D ...

27th April 2015

Cleft gate hurdle making with Devon Rural Skills Trust

Devon Rural Skills Trust is a charitable organisation formed to stop the disappearance of traditional rural skills in Devon. They run courses (mostly on Saturdays) throughout the year. I attended a cleft gate hurdle making course at the Parke Estate just outside Bovey Tracey. Working in t ...

25th November 2014

Coppicing at Tucking Mill Farm

This article gives an overview of coppicing. The woodland we manage at Tucking Mill Farm will be managed in accordance with this plan. ...

Picture of a leaf from an ash tree with a dead and browning tip
22nd October 2012

Threats to British trees

Chalara fraxinea fungus Chalara dieback of ash is a serious disease of ash trees caused by a fungus called Chalara fraxinea Symptoms include leaf loss and crown dieback and can result in the death of the tree. The Forestry Commission is working with scientists from the Food and Environmen ...

13th October 2012

Fruit Trees in Devon

Crediton has a strong tradition of fruit tree growing, particularly apples. It used to be full of orchards. Most have now been lost to development. The remaining ones are still under threat. We campaign to protect old orchards and encourage the planting of new fruit trees and are in contact ...

Logo for Mid Devon District Council
12th October 2012

Tree Guide

Mid Devon District Council is firmly committed to maintaining and enhancing the areas trees and woodlands, as a vital part of the environment. In their publication on Tree Guidance they have detailed the benefits: Trees are important, because they: Provide shade, making streets a ...

4th October 2012

Join The Great British Elm Experiment and become an elm guardian

We have just purchased and planted an elm sapling cultivated from one of about 20 elm trees still alive and healthy in the UK which have stubbornly and magnificently resisted dutch elm disease for the past 50 years. It cost us just £19.50 plus p&p which we think is a very worthwhile invest ...

Photograph of bramble flowers by Hans Hillewaert
19th July 2012

Record and view seasonal events that show the impact of climate change on our wildlife

Did you know that The Woodland Trust have a wonderful site where you can set up a personal calendar to record sightings of wildlife? Researchers are using the data collated from Nature's Calendar in numerous ongoing studies to answer questions such as: Is temperature the only cue that ...

Logo for The Tree Council
18th July 2012

Top tips for caring for young trees in wet and windy weather

"In wet and windy weather, your first priority should be trees planted in the last three years. These newly planted trees often have roots that have not developed fully. As a result, they are not yet anchored firmly into the ground and are particularly at risk from extreme weather conditions ...

1st October 2011

Orchards Live website

Orchards Live was originally called Save Our Orchards, and campaigned to halt the seemingly irreversible decline in apple and fruit production. There have been real achievements since 1991: growing public awareness, practical help and affordable courses, putting on over 100 events, and the rec ...