What Went Wrong? Matt Harvey

3 June 2020

And life was good and the Earth was large.
Our brains grew big. And we said, We're in charge
and the Sun said, Take it easy
and the Earth said, Chill
and the Sea said, Dream deeply
and the Wind said, Roam where you will
The Earth was huge, it seemed to go on forever
and we discovered we had opposable thumbs and were very, very clever
We invented things: beakers, agriculture, the wheel, indoor murals, fur coats, fences
We went through some interesting ages:
Stone, Bronze, Iron
While the Earth turned, the Sun burned and the Wind, for some reason, kept sighing.
And one day a man said, Behold, here is a line
What's on this side of the line is mine
And what's on the other side, that's mine too
And so is she. And so are you.
And we invented War, and Reasons for War,
And Hierarchical Power Structures.
And the Earth groaned, the Sun paled, the Sea sighed, and the Wind exhaled
And we invented Money
And Money began to speak.
It said, You know your problem?
You don't have enough of me!
And everybody had to agree
(because that's how it felt)
And Money said, You dig? And we dug.
And we discovered fossil fuels.
Ooh, so compact and combustible
Accessible, industrial…
And the wind said, Whoa and the sea said No,
And the sun just shone, And the earth said, surprisingly gently, Steady on
But no-one heard.
Because the drilling was so thrilling
It was fun it was fulfilling
And the mining and refining
Were delightful and divine and
Particularly fun and fascinatingly fantastic
A by-product of petroleum was
Cheap, flexible and versatile,
disposable yet durable
and the Earth said, It's so wasteful
and the Sea said, It's disgraceful
and Hierarchical Power Structures said, Shhh, I think Money's trying to say something
and Money said, This is amaaazing!
It was the age human zooming, of aviation, mass industrialisation, clamour, glamour, noise and poison
Louder, Faster, Deeper, Hotter,
Deeper, Hotter, Louder, Faster
And the Earth shuddered
And the wind raged
And the sun burned hot
And the sea was raised
And Money said, dig, drill, spray, burn
Too late to turn, too late to turn
I said, dig, drill, spray, burn
and the Earth, with infinite patience, said:
you have extraordinary talents
but things are getting out of whack
things are getting out of balance
you need to step back
Money said, More, more, more, more,
More speed, more spin, more wheels, more deals
And Earth said, ENOUGH