What next for Devon? Webinar Invitation

22 June 2020

What next for Devon? A webinar invitation from New Prosperity Devon

Investing in our Place: unlocking financial, social and environmental value in procurement, commissioning, and community wealth building

Join us as we discuss how we can use community wealth building approaches as a timely response to 'build back better' in a post covid-19 regenerative landscape.

 New Prosperity Devon shares its updated and timely report, and reflects on experience shared in and since its 2019 seminars. This is a contribution to the ongoing conversation about building financial, social and natural prosperity in our local economies by unlocking and circulating wealth and strengths that already exist in the area. This can include working with place-based institutions to encourage collaborative commissioning, purposeful procurement, and plurality of business models.

 The webinar will be introduced by author and District Councillor Elizabeth Wainwright, and NPD Director Gill Westcott. There will be plenty of time for questions and comments. This will kick start regular sessions around community wealth building in Devon.

 Thursday July 9th 13.00 - 14.00
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