Sustainable Crediton and CredFest 2019

12 November 2018

We are working on some ideas for Sustainable Crediton to hold an event (or even events!) at next year's Crediton Festival in June. So far, we are kicking around the following possibilities:

  • Electric car information session in the market square;
  • Information session/talk about planting fruit and nut trees in our gardens instead of planting ornamental trees;
  • Information/talk about native trees;
  • A community orchards event;
  • Promotion of wildlife/wildflower bee corridors;
  • A project to utilise spare pockets of publically owned land in Crediton.
What would you like to see happen? Would you like to be involved? If so, contact John Craythorne via the link above, or come along to one of our Chatterbox get togethers. The next one is on 3rd January, at Crediton Wetherspoons, the Sir Redvers Buller, between 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm (ish).