Can Small Acts of Kindness Change the World?

2 December 2018

I often wonder what difference a single person can make in this world. It is easy to think what on earth is the use of my recycling stuff or not using single use plastic bottles when the likes of China and India are still building dozens of coal fired power plants every year. Just what is the point?

Well doing such small things helps me feel that I am helping, that I'm setting an example to others and that it is a few steps towards the bigger goal of addressing climate change. It also makes me feel better and happier knowing that I am contributing just a tiny bit towards a better place.

I came across a website, Good and Kind, which lists a hundred ways an individual can help make the world a better place through all sorts of ways covering acts of kindness, community work, helping the environment, health and well-being and more.

It is a very new website with only 192 people signed up. Will you be one of the first?