6th December 2018

Chatterbox social evening

Come along and meet up with other like minded people: a chance to discuss where Sustainable Crediton goes next and to throw your ideas into the pot! ...

2nd December 2018

Can Small Acts of Kindness Change the World?

I often wonder what difference a single person can make in this world. It is easy to think what on earth is the use of my recycling stuff or not using single use plastic bottles when the likes of China and India are still building dozens of coal fired power plants every year. Just what is the point ...

19th November 2018

Join us on Facebook

As a means of communication, the newsletter is very much a one way street! To have your say and share your news, why not join us on Facebook? Only about a third of our membership currently follows us, so search for Sustainable Crediton and join the group. ...

1st November 2018

Chatterbox social evening

Now the autumn is upon us, we are holding regular social evenings for anyone interested in the work of Sustainable Crediton: The next will be on 1st November from 7.30pm - 9.00pm ...

14th October 2018

Chatterbox social evenings: change in time

The second Chatterbox social event was a lively and interesting discussion evening around Crediton issues, especially transport and the effects of all the new housing, which everyone enjoyed. Come along and discuss environmental and sustainability topics in friendly company. We have changed the st ...

12th August 2018

Off Grid Festival,Tapeley Park, Instow, North Devon

A local festival with sustainability at its heart - and good fun too! In their own words: 'Off Grid Festival is visualized as a deep exploration of creativity, community life, imagination, and resilient living; an intimate environment in which to share skills, trade knowledge, impart wisdom and ma ...

26th July 2018

Want to get involved, or just find out more about Sustainable Crediton?

We are having an informal get together at The Redvers Buller (Wetherspoons, next door to Tesco Express, Crediton High Street), on Thursday, 26th July at 7.00pm, to start planning the future for Sustainable Crediton, including the development of new projects. If you would like to contribute your ide ...

13th July 2018

URGENT Our precious marine wildlife needs your support!

The Government is running a public consultation on whether to create 41 new Marine Conservation Zones - a type of protected area at sea - in the waters around England.  We know that public support plays a vital role in the Government's final decision, so we need each and every person that loves the sea to act today. 

Without these sites, some of our most rare and vulnerable marine wildlife - from seahorses to living reefs - will remain at risk. That's why we need you to add your Wave of Support today! Deadline 20 July.

4th March 2018

Are you Suffering from Burnout in 2018?

An event organised by the Transition Network - if interested the deadline is 2 Feb. See details below. Hello hello ... I hope this finds you well and rested after the festive break ... Burnout has been a strong and recurring theme throughout the series of ​Regional Network events we have h ...