Help Beech Hill Community Co-operative grow!

2 April 2017

Beech Hill Community Co-operative has been providing sustainable low-cost housing for over 30 years - and we want to grow!

In the 1990s we were forced to sell off part of our home - a self-contained flat. Now that flat is coming up for sale and we'd love to buy it back.

We all pay rent, contribute labour to our co-op, and raise money to maintain our rambling old manor house through hosting camps, courses, events and AirBnB here. We've done the research and have worked out our sums - we can afford the mortgage payments but not the 20% mortgage deposit required. And this is why we need you!

With more space to let to community-minded individuals and families we'll have more energy to put into making our home more sustainable, building links with the surrounding area and, most importantly, providing affordable housing.

But what happens if we can't buy back this flat? Well, anyone else at all could buy it, and they might be community-minded neighbours, and they might not be. They might be very considerate neighbours and they might not be. And this will impact the young family that lives below the flat, possibly quite severely. And we'll have lost, for another generation perhaps, the opportunity to grow and share our community and enable more people to share in our wonderful way of life.

We've put together a list of benefits we can offer you but donations are obviously welcome. Please do share far and wide!

We live in a beautiful place - help us share it with more people!

Please go to the Crowdfunding website and watch our video.