Off Grid festival near Exeter

28 June 2016

The Off Grid Festival takes place from 11-14 August 2016 at Goffins land near Exeter.

The event is a unique crossover between festival and conference, a chance to have fun in a field with likeminded people whilst sharing ideas, skills and wisdom. A chance to celebrate life whilst building for a better future. 

There is an exciting programme of events ranging over topics that will be very familiar to Transitioners as well as exploring new ideas and innovations.

The speaker line-up for 2016 already includes the following:

  • Tony Greenham (RSA) - Regional Banking
  • Stewart Wallis - New Economics Foundation - Building a New Economy in Devon
  • Nick Rosen - The Story of Off Grid in the UK
  • Jay Tompt - REconomy and Local Entrepreneur Forums
  • Johnny Gordon-Fairleigh - Stir to Action / The Future of Work
  • Adelia Tisdall - Positive Money
  • Julian Pratt - Land Value Tax
  • Caroline Aitken (Patrick Whitefield Associates) Permaculture
  • Brett Scott - Alternative Finance 
  • Maro Horta - Faircoin / Activism in Spain
  • Gail Bradbrook - Compassionate Revolution
  • Maria Franchi - Rhizome Coop - Consensus and Conflict Resolution in Organisations
  • Mary Daniels - Hay House/Conscious Living Hub
  • Henry Naylor-Stead - Coops for Young People 
  • Jamie Catto - What about Intimacy?
  • David Parkes - Community Juice
  • Marcus Letts -
  • Anton Chernikov - The Exponentials
  • Gill Wyatt - Exeter Community Energy (ECOE)
  • Trudy Turrell - Resisting Development as a Community
  • Michael Thomas - Transition Network - Is Transition a revolutionary movement?
  • Tony Conway - Vale Das Lobas: Innovation and Ancient Traditions

Subjects and Themes include:

Local Economies * Post-Crash Economies * New Economic Models * Alternative Finance * Money Creation * Affordable Housing Solutions * Tech Villages * Community-led Development * Place-Based Education * The Agrarian Renaissance * Land Ownership * The Future of Exeter * Systems of Change * Restorative Circles * Community Energy * Transition and more….


  • Legal Surgeries (Low-Impact Planning and Renewables) with Sonya Bedford
  • Social Enterprise Funding Surgeries with Alex Lawrie
  • DIY Solar Panels & Battery Packs with Demand Energy Equality

Micro-Brewing & Cider-Making / Water Reticulation Landscapes / DIY 12v Technology / Pedal-Powered Generators / Treebog Compost Toilets / Introduction to Permaculture / Horsedrawn Agriculture / The Repair Cafe / Composting / Felting / Bushcraft Skills / Community Energy Solutions / Wild Food Foraging and Cook-Up / Forest Gardening / Biochar Making / Blacksmithing / Woodburners / Wood-Working / Rocket Stoves / Life Coaching / Yoga / Sacred Song Circle / Non-Violent Communication / Medicinal Herb Walk / Low-Impact Living / Nature Awareness / GEET Clean Generator Technology / Urban Permaculture

& many others TBC….

The event also features…

  • Live Music Stage in a beautiful timber-frame barn
  • WeTheUncivilised - New documentary showing in our Off Grid Cinema. More films TBC
  • Off Grid Kids Area and Forest School
  • Serenity Field - Therapies and Well Being
  • Crafts and Alt. Tech Area
  • Wildwoods Bushcraft Zone with Sylvan Adventures
  • Sauna
  • Local and Organic Food at the Field Canteen
  • Local and Organic Beers, Ciders and Wine

If you would be interested in attending or contributing to the event in some capacity, please let us know or else sign up now to buy a ticket if you can. There are currently around 150 tickets remaining. We'd love to hear from you and your organisation. Any help in promoting to your friends, family and networks is very much appreciated and to this end, a poster is attached.

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