New Year ‘Reboot’ ~ get balanced using food


Well Being Centre, St Saviours Way, Crediton GoogleMap

New Year is the time that many people make resolutions that often involves food

How we eat and how we aspire to eat is often a mixture of habit, childhood experience, how we feel emotionally and media pressure, but it is rarely in response to what our body really needs.

This short half day workshop is a gentle holistic introduction to connecting with what our body really needs from food to flourish so we can think clearly, feel strong and vital and so get on with living life in the fullest way possible.

We will use the power of the season, the five element map from Chinese medicine and tools and techniques from Natural Nutrition and Kinesiology muscle testing

To explore:

  • What 'your' body needs to feel full of health and vitality right now (and it is very likely to be completely different to everyone else)
  • The thoughts and beliefs about food that may get in the way of you eating these foods and feeling great!
  • How to make simple yet powerful changes to what you eat everyday

The workshop is facilitated by Carol Lee, Natural Nutrition teacher and practitioner and Sarah-Jayne Hayden-Binder, Kinesiology practitioner and teacher.

The cost is £25 with a £10 deposit

To book (essential) call Sarah-Jayne on 01363 877581 or email