Journey into Summer ~ ‘Expanding’


Beech Hill House, Nr Crediton. EX17 6RF GoogleMap

This one day workshop will prepare you to step from 'purposeful' spring into the 'flourishing' of summer.

We will use the power of the increasing light, the five element map from Chinese medicine and tools and techniques from natural nutrition and kinesiology muscle testing to guide us through the day.

We will spend some time outside experiencing the season, nourish ourselves with seasonal food and let our minds and bodies explore both the limits and opportunities at this time of expansion.

This time of year, when nature transforms from dynamic spring (wood element), is a time to nurture and refine plans and resolutions. As we move into summer (fire element) we can use the softer beauty of the season to appreciate and consolidate our plans for a bountiful year.

The workshop is facilitated by Carol Lee, Natural Nutrition teacher & practitioner and Sarah-Jayne Hayden-Binder, Kinesiology practitioner & teacher.

To book call Carol Lee 01363 82794 or email

Cost: £55 including information to take home. £20 deposit required.

Please bring lunch for yourself or to share, if you would like to bring something seasonal that would be lovely (no nuts please), we will provide something seasonal and yummy to share too.