Journey into Late Summer retreat day - harvest time


Beech Hill House Nr Crediton EX17 6RF GoogleMap


This one day retreat will prepare you to step from 'flourishing' summer into the 'bounty' of late summer. 

This time of year, when nature is reaching a balance point before dipping down into Autumn is a time of great potential and insight. The movement to Late Summer (Earth element) is a time for celebrating your personal 'bounty' and finding out how to bring more balance into your life.

We will use the fullness of the season, the five element map from Chinese medicine and tools and techniques from Natural Nutrition and Kinesiology muscle testing to guide us through the day.

We will spend some time outside experiencing the season, nourishing ourselves with seasonal food and letting our minds and bodies explore both the limits and opportunities at this time of the harvest.

The workshop is facilitated by Carol Lee, Natural Nutrition teacher & practitioner and Sarah-Jayne Hayden-Binder, Kinesiology practitioner & teacher. 

We will provide some seasonal yummy food to share, please bring some lunch for yourself or a dish to share... and if you would like to bring something seasonal that would be lovely (no nuts please)

Cost: £60

£20 deposit will secure your place

To book (essential) call Carol on 01363 82794 or email