Seasonal ‘Reboot’ – Winter ~ restoring, reflection and celebration


Well Being Centre, St Saviours Way, Crediton GoogleMap


This is the final workshop of the hugely popular 2013 series of five seasonal 'reboots'. You do not have to have attended any of the others to come along. Cost £25. 

As all in nature is turning inward it is time for us to restore, to reconnect to our essence and begin dreaming, distilling and concentrating what we want to create for Spring.

We will use the power of the season, the five element map from Chinese Medicine along with some tools and techniques from Natural Nutrition and Kinesiology muscle testing to help us pinpoint the essence of what we want to create in the following areas:

  • self care and nurturing
  • diet and nutrition
  • home and relationships
  • work/life balance

The workshop is facilitated by Carol Lee, Natural Nutrition teacher and practitioner and Sarah-Jayne Hayden-Binder, Kinesiology practitioner and teacher.

To book (essential) call Sarah-Jayne on 01363 877581 or email

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