11th December 2013

Seasonal ‘Reboot’ – Winter ~ restoring, reflection and celebration

This is the final workshop of the hugely popular 2013 series of five seasonal 'reboots'. You do not have to have attended any of the others to come along. Cost £25. As all in nature is turning inward it is time for us to restore, to reconnect to our essence and begin dreaming, distilli ...

22nd November 2013

Seasonal ‘Reboot’ - Autumn ~ recycling- sorting, clarifying and honing

This is the fourth of a series of five popular seasonal 'reboots'. You do not have to have attended any of the others to come along. The cost is £25. Autumn is a time of great richness, clarity and inspiration. Nature is busy recycling what is no longer needed and so returning goodness to t ...

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1st September 2013

Are You passionate about helping our planet?

350 is an online organisation attempting to stand up to big business and injustice in the world by motivating us as ordinary citizens to support worthwhile campaigns and effectively stand up and be counted about what we really care about.

They now also have a new tool whereby you can start your own on-line campaign about something you are passionate about quickly, easily and without any financial cost!

Are you a member of the 350 organisation? Do you respond to and endorse their campaigns?

Whether you do or not please read what Bill McKibben the founder has written below. It is an inspirational view on how we can change the world.

Bill McKibben wrote:

"It's our job to rally a movement in the coming years big enough to stand up to all that money, to profits of a sort never before seen on this planet... It can only happen with a spread-out and yet thoroughly interconnected movement, a new kind of engaged citizenry. Rooftop by rooftop, we're aiming for a different world, one that runs on renewable power that people produce themselves in their communities in small but significant batches. The movement that will get us to such a world must run on that kind of [distributed] power too."

Please visit 350's website or, if you would just like to start your own campaign, fill in their simple form at the following address. http://act.350.org/go/3639?t=2&akid=3482.247808.mH5wz

31st July 2013

Our Meditation Group to study the Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras are the energy centres of the human body.They connect our physical bodies to our energetic selves. They lie along the spine and each one is associated with particular human characteristics and also a particular colour. The chakras are energy wheels and when they are blocked ...

26th June 2013

Meditation Group,

5th June 2013

Meditation Group

29th May 2013

Meditation Group is now up and running

The new Hearts and Minds meditation group has now met three times at the Well Being Centre in St Saviours Way Crediton on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. We are a small group of friendly people with a very varied history of previous meditation practices. Because we are all coming from different backgr ...

15th May 2013

Come and join a new meditation group meeting in Crediton and open to all

This is the inaugural meeting of a new group that is open to all who either wish to begin meditating or have some experience and would like to get together to work in a group. Contact me for more details. ...

22nd April 2013

Meditation Group begins in May

A number of people have expressed an interest in starting up a meditation group after my article in last month's newsletter. The first meeting will take place at the Well Being Centre in Credition at 7:30pm on the 15th May. The first meeting will be for the group to decide its own format and w ...

28th March 2013

A Meditation Group for Crediton?

Are you an experienced meditator? Or are you perhaps someone who has thought of trying out meditation but never quite got round to it? I am a regular meditator and trained meditation teacher and for ages now I have been thinkling of setting up a small meditation group in Crediton that ...

28th March 2013

Spiritual Coffee Mornings

These are taking place once a month at Crediton Coffee Company on Town Square in Crediton. The next one is on Wednesday 17th April at 11am. I went along to the March meeting as a newcomer not knowing what to expect. What I got was a lovely surprise. A group of about 10 to 12 lad ...

26th February 2013

Do you want a say in the future of complementary medicine in Crediton?

A newly formed Community Interest Company is in need of directors to join its board as volunteers. The Crediton Well Being Centre CIC - formerly The Well Being Centre - lies just off Crediton High Street behind the Yellow Bookshop. Sometimes referred to as Crediton's best kept secret, it ...

18th January 2013

Conscious Crediton Gathering

Conscious Crediton gathering Friday 18th January 4.30-6.00pm Well Being Centre, St Saviours Way, Crediton This gathering follows on from the one on 12-12-12 and is a chance to reflect and share needs and ways of opening our hearts and minds in these fast moving times. All welcome ...