7th December 2012

German New Medecine "Can Illness be created by our Past Trauma"

Talk by Bill Tucker 'Can Illness be created by our Past Traumas' German New Medicine German New Medicine (GNM) is a radical new approach to health and illness that has only just recently arrived in Devon thanks to a new comer to our county Bill Tucker, who has moved here from the Isle ...

3rd November 2012

Love To Dance

Are you 55 or over? Do you love to dance? If so, you can create 2-3 pieces of dance work as well as working with choreographer Sue Way, in which you can then perform to the very elderly people for them to enjoy. No previous experience is necessary! Classes are held at Crediton Arts Centr ...

19th May 2012

Resourcing Life in Times of Change

Challenge and empowerment in times of global crisis We live in times of danger for life on earth, and also of great opportunity. Changes are taking place which some call 'The Great Turning' towards a more just and planet-friendly way of living. In this day we'll explore how it is for us, liv ...