Volunteers needed to deliver Positive News!

Have you read the fantastic quarterly newspaper Positive News? It documents all the wonderful but often
unsung and unreported things that are happening around the world to make it a better place. It has been
going for some years and recently started a section devoted to Transition News. 

Positive News can be given away for FREE in cafes, librarys etc and Sustainable Crediton has decided to sponsor a bundle of 200 copies to be used in just such a way in Crediton. 

We are looking for a person who lives in Crediton or the surrounding area who would be willing to have the bundle delivered to their home and to split it up into 4 or 5 sections and deliver a section some appropriate venues in Crediton approx once every 3 months. (Venues will be central and pre-arranged in advance by the Core Group). If you could volunteer to carry out this infrequent but really useful job we would be really grateful. Please contact me to indicate you would be willing to help. Thank you.