15th October 2011

Sharing Transition Workshop

A Chance to share experiences and learn how to build effective groups With Nick Osborne Free to all Transition members & supporters Over the last 15 years Nick has worked in a variety of management, leadership, training, consultancy or activist roles with a range of organisations incl ...

28th February 2011

Measurement of National Wellbeing

The Office for National Statistics ONS is developing new measures of national well-being. The aim is that these new measures will cover the quality of life of people in the UK, environmental and sustainability issues, as well as the economic performance of the country. To develop better measures of the nation's well-being we want to consult with people, organisations and business across the UK, as well as central and local government, to ask what matters most in people's lives and what is important for measuring the nation's well-being.

16th January 2011

Volunteers needed to deliver Positive News!

Have you read the fantastic quarterly newspaper Positive News? It documents all the wonderful but often unsung and unreported things that are happening around the world to make it a better place. It has been going for some years and recently started a section devoted to Transition News. ...