12th November 2008

The Quiet Revolution

The Hearts & Minds group is continuing to grow and formulate ideas for the future.

We see part of our brief to be helping people realise just how much work is going on behind the scenes these days
to make the world a more sustainable and fairer place.

We call it 'the quiet revolution' 

As an example, The Transition Town Movement which was started just 2 years ago by one person and of which CCA
became a part in May 2008, now has more than 100 communities working in similar ways to CCA. The growth and
demand is such that two of its founder members are now about to take a 3 month trip around the world training
people to set up Transition Initiatives in places as far a eld as China, New Zealand and the USA. Now that's success!!


11th September 2008

Hearts & Minds Group Meeting