German New Medicine

German New Medicine  

German New Medicine (GNM) is a radical new approach to health and illness that has only just recently arrived in Devon thanks to a new comer to our county Bill Tucker, who has moved here from the Isle of Man. 

Developed and well researched by Dr Hamer, a German physician now living in S. America, the philosophy behind it is that all illness, however major or minor is a response to trauma experienced in childhood. This trauma may simmer along symptomless within your body for many years until another trauma, experienced later in life, triggers symptoms. 

The good news is that the pretty much all, yes and I mean all, illness can be cured by identifying the traumas and then working on them!  Using techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) the human psyche can be re-programmed to clear the traumas up and the body will then heal itself! 

Sound fanciful or too good to be true? I am sure you are not alone in thinking this, but the research behind it is extensive and persuasive, and I have experienced the results for myself. It really does work! 

To find out more why not go along to Bills talk in Totnes on Dec 7th. 

A study group has also started up recently in the Crediton area and to find out more about how you can get involved you can visit Bill's website to read more and leave him a message.