Feng Shui - Could It help your Home and Well Being?

I am by nature rather sceptical and unfairly cynical about the 'mystic' arts and sciences, but when I had the offer to have my house in Crediton 'Feng Shui'ed for free as part of some training I went along with it to see what it was all about. My prejudicial view was that it is all about sticking the right object in the right corner of the room - and painting it the 'right' colour. HOW WRONG I WAS!

The six hour long session started with removing geopathic stress - with dowsing rods, and then moved on to removing historic 'dark bits' from various parts of the house. But then moved on to looking at the health of the house - and how that could affect my health. This was focused on electro magnetic fields and micro wave radiation
(amusingly called 'electrosmog') generated by electronic appliances and even the house wiring itself. These forms of radiation can generate a whole raft of health issues.

It is generally accepted that micro wave cookers can leak dangerous waves when old, and we have had hints that mobile phones can fry your brain if over used, but I was surprised at how much radiation is given out by common cordless DECT phones.

They radiate even when the phone is in its charger or base station - and all the time whether in use or not. I have replaced my DECT phone with a good old wired phone - that also does not use any of my electricity and makes me sit down to talk! And don't forget the wi-fi issue, and that there are safer ways to use your mobile (if you really need to use it) - and if you live near a mobile phone mast or grid transmission line you could have a serious problem!

I was also surprised when the EMF around the head of my bed was measured (on a proper meter!) - it was way above the recommended safe levels. This is the spot where my head is subjected to emissions for eight hours a night! It was coming from a clock radio by my bedside and apparently from the wiring in the wall behind the bed. I have replaced the clock radio with a good old fashioned wind up alarm clock ( that as a bonus does not use any electricity!) and am looking at some way to shield the bed from the wall wiring.

This is all new to me and I am still looking into the causes and detrimental effects of these apparently self-inflicted health hazards - but there are several sites on the web where more information can be found if you are interested - or worried! 

These will get you started:

And if you dare have your house given the Feng Shui goingover then mine was done by Frederique Cooke of the Feng Shui Academy who is based in Shobrooke - so very local. 

Well I am off now for some acupuncture - another new thing for me that seems to help!

Alan Murray