A Community Fridge for Crediton?

3 July 2020

Surprisingly perhaps, the majority of food waste in the UK comes from our homes: some 10m tonnes annually. Many communities have set up community fridges / larders so that surplus food (from all sources of course) is no longer wasted but goes to those who need it. It would be great if we could set one up here in Crediton. Here is an example from Oxfordshire.

There is plenty of experience and expertise out there which we could draw on. What we lack at present is someone to take the lead and set one up. Is there anyone out there who would like to give it a go? If so, do get in touch with John Craythorne via the link above.

Sustainable Crediton as an umbrella organisation will offer support and practical needs such as insurance: you will not be alone. Go on; you know it makes sense!