Announcing the First Crediton Living Library of Food Memories

27 June 2018


Saturday, 3 November 2018, at the Crediton Arts Centre.


Food has extraordinary power to connect people. We feed members of our families. We form social bonds with others over shared meals. We give new life to the traditions of our forebears when we cook from their recipes and learn about their food making crafts. 

Join us for this Living Library of Food Memories. 

Those who remember the making, trading, and eating of particular foods, dishes or meals-whether on the farm or other places of work, at home, in the community, or on the high street-are invited to "be a book" who shares memories in the form of stories, photos, objects, demonstrations, or samples of food. 

Those wishing to learn more about the history and personal stories that people in the Crediton area associate with various foods are invited to "be readers"-to look, listen and taste, as the volumes of our shared food heritage are opened for all to explore. 

Among the featured books in this living library will be: 

Mary Quicke, of Quicke's Cheddar

Barney Butterfield, of Sandford Orchards

Frank Bristow, formerly of Bristows of Devon


If you wish to be a book, or a reader, or for  further information, follow the link in the top right box on this page.