Crediton Pollinator Project: update

On Monday 9th December Sustainable Crediton will be at the big Tesco store collecting funds towards the Crediton Pollinator Project. We will be there all day from 9am until 6pm. If anyone would like to help do come along, if only for a short while. It only requires standing inside near the doors with a collecting bucket. We will have a small display to help explain what we are about.

The Belle Parade patch was weeded by Simon and his trusty helpers after finally finding a couple of dry days. Look out soon for the bulbs coming up, the first of the plantings to help our pollinators. The information sign should be up soon.

A group of us braved the rain one Saturday morning and were shown around the several plots in Crediton that may form future projects. The list keeps growing! The Wood group held an Open Morning and have loads of great ideas some of which may be joint projects with the Pollinator group.

The Pollinator group meeting this month was only attended by a few people but several items were discussed including social prescribing, future funding possibilities and designing some leaflets. The main focus was on progressing other plots of land in the New Year. After Christmas it is hoped to hold an event at Granny's Meadow to prick out seeds that will have sprouted by then. These will be on sale at the Seed Share and for use in future plots. We hope to let you have the date soon, this will be dictated by nature and when the seeds sprout. Bring a picnic lunch and meet other people who like pollinators and help move the project on.