Pollinator Project Forges Ahead

Newcombes Meadow wildflower circle: takes a while to establish!
Spurway's Almshouses: new planting. Previously overgrown
Spurway's Almshouses, Park Street
Newcombes Meadow rose bed, interplanted by Sustainable Crediton. Just coming into flower
Belle Parade: well named!
Belle Parade
'Post Box Corner', Landscore / Greenway
'Post Box Corner

The pollinator project is really making its presence felt around town! We now have planting schemes in place at Newcombes Meadow, Belle Parade, 'Post Box Corner' (Landscore / Greenway), Spurway's Almshouses (Park Street), all designed to be beautiful as well as pollinator friendly. A big thanks to all who are involved.

There is scope to take on several more sites, if we have the people to manage them. If you would like to take part, contact Dee Ross via the link.