The Pollinator Project: our first success!

Since Mid Devon District Council gave us the go-ahead to transform the neglected ex-rose bed on Belle Parade into a pollinators' paradise, we've been hard at work. A hardy band of labourers turned out in mid-September in rather warm weather, to dig over the entire plot and weed it, ready for planting. It's bigger than it looks when you're digging up the dandelions!

Fortunately, the soil's in good shape, and we were even luckier when it then rained a lot, so we had ideal conditions for planting. Simon O'Sullivan had done an amazing job planning the layout, and ensuring there would be colour, interest, and most importantly bee-attracting flowers for as much of the year a spossible. Under his expert guidance a slightly larger group of volunteers, including some very young ones, planted up the bed, and added bulbs and annuals to get things going. The rain has continued, so no need for watering.

We'll keep an eye on progress over the next few months, to make sure the weeds remain in check, but we're keen to move on to pastures new as well. We're planning our next meeting for 28 October (venue tbc), so if you'd like to be involved, or have ideas for other areas we could plant, other pollinator-friendly activities you'd like to try, etc, please do come along. Keep an eye on email and facebook for further details or email