Can you Help Crediton become Carbon Neutral by 2030?

30 July 2019

In recent weeks Crediton Town Council, Mid Devon District Council and Devon County Council have all declared climate emergencies. Crediton has set 2030 as the year it will become carbon neutral as has Mid Devon. Devon County have set themselves a less ambitious target in line with the National Government of 2050. One of Crediton's Town Councillors did not support the motion to declare a climate emergency. One other Coucillor abstained, but 9 of the 11 did support the motion.

It is very likely that the Town Council will be setting up a working group to develop initiatives to support the Climate Emergency Declaration. They want everyone in the town to be involved in some way. What can you do to help?

I firmly believe the town can be carbon neutral by 2030 but it will require massive cooperation between Crediton Town Council, Mid Devon District Council, Devon County Council and national government. National government must develop policies that support renewable energy implementation and provide funds for making existing housing stock much more energy efficient.

Here is a vision of how carbon neutrality could be achieved:

A Crediton neighbourhood plan needs to be developed and approved by public referendum which includes and allows onshore wind farms with battery storage to be sighted around Crediton. These would provide Crediton with all its electrical requirements. A further one or two anaerobic digestors similar to the one recently approved would provide all the gas required to heat homes and businesses connected to the gas grid. All new housing needs to be built to the highest energy efficiency standards and heated electrically. Existing housing stock needs to be insulated to high energy efficiency standards. Our local farming industry will need to adapt to providing less meat, more forestry and better soil management. Then we come to the jewel in Crediton's crown, public transport. We are connected to the national rail network and have good road public transport links north and south. These will need to be utilised much more and extra services provided to local villages. With the increase in the use of electric vehicles, Crediton can provide a massive increase in electric car charging capability by insisting the likes of Tesco, Morrisons and Mole Avon provide solar panelled car ports in the whole of their car parks complete with electric charging points. Local environmental groups such as Sustainable Crediton and Extinction Rebellion Crediton must continue to hold local and national government to account to develop the policies to allow the climate emergency declarations to be met. Also they must work with the local authorities to help develop an all embracing plan to meet carbon neutrality Devon wide by 2030.