Mid Devon District Council Approves AD Plant for Crediton

6 June 2019


It is not considered that the harm to the environment , the landscape, neighbouring residents and the Heritage assets is significant enough to warrant refusal of the application when balanced against the benefits. The Anaerobic Digestion plant will process farm waste/off site waste and crops into a product which will assist in improving land management techniques and will generate a source of renewable energy(Gas). The proposal has demonstrated that traffic movements on the local highway network will not be unacceptable. The impact on the heritage assets is considered to be limited and is considered to be out weighed by the benefits of the proposal. Any harm likely to arise from this proposal can be adequ ately mitigated by the imposition of conditions. It is considered that this proposal will not cause significant harm and that the benefits of granting planning permission outweigh any limited harm that may be caused.

This development will provide enough gas for 3200 homes, provide a soil improver as a by-product and consume around 20,000 tonnes of waste organic matter annually.