Energy News Good and Bad

17 October 2018

Do you want the good or the bad news first?

The Good

Well a piece of good news which didn't make the headlines is that Scottish Power, one of the Big 6 energy suppiers in the UK has decided to go completely green. In a press release the group said it had sold its "traditional generation business" to Drax Smart Generation, a subsidiary of the Drax Group, for £702 million ($926.3 million).

Over the last 10 years, Scottish Power has closed all its coal plants. The sale of its remaining gas and hydro stations means that it now produces 100 percent of its electricity from wind power.

As of now, Scottish Power has 2,700 MW of wind power capacity operating or under construction in the U.K. The business is investing £5.2 billion up to 2022, focusing on renewable energy, enhanced grid networks and smart technology for its customers.

"This is a pivotal shift for Scottish Power as we realize a long-term ambition," the company's chief executive, Keith Anderson said "We are leaving carbon generation behind for a renewable future powered by cheaper green energy. We have closed coal, sold gas and built enough wind to power 1.2 million homes."

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The Bad

It is deeply ironic that on the first day of the Government's Green GB Week, Fracking has commenced in Lancashire for the first time in 7 years.

Here are some campaigns you can join in protest.

Green Party


Friends of the Earth

38 Degrees