Zero? Carbon Homes for sale in Crediton

30 August 2017

Some of you may have seen the 3 houses being built up Jockey Hill, Crediton with their claim to be zero carbon. I was intrigued and spoke to Mr Jenner of Jenner Homes who are building them. They are being fitted with solar thermal, PV, triple glazing, a charging system to minimise the heating requirements of the house, battery storage for electricity generated and underfloor heating. However the house also has a gas (Valliant "green" boiler) installed. His definition is that they would not contribute any more carbon than already exists - at least for the first year, but also based on the new occupants having an electric car.

As he explained the technology is not cheap to install, I suspect the house prices will reflect this although this is pure supposition. (Editor :- £525,000 asking price )

The claim of zero carbon is perhaps a bit dubious, but the technology has been tried & tested for 3 years in his own house in Exeter. I admire his efforts as I'm sure he is the only local housebuilder that will make any such effort to reduce the carbon footprint of a new build and feel at least he is showing what can be done, even if is not perfect.  

He offered to show me around the new build technology, but I am sure he would be very happy to show anyone else interested. Contact number for Jenner Homes for anyone with further interest is 01392 278886.

Anne Tucker