21st November 2017

Surviving Winter

In the Bleak Midwinter 1,040 people in Devon died unnecessarily last winter due to the cold 1 in 8 Devon households live in fuel poverty 1 in 5 rural Devon households are in fuel poverty The Surviving Winter appeal is a campaign to help the most vulnerable in our communities to stay warm ...

30th September 2017

One Billion Pounds Social Housing Scheme

800,000 low-income homes in England and Wales will be able to access free solar panels in the next five years as part of a major regeneration scheme, provided by Solarplicity, with social housing providers. See here for more information. ...

30th August 2017

Zero? Carbon Homes for sale in Crediton

Some of you may have seen the 3 houses being built up Jockey Hill, Crediton with their claim to be zero carbon. I was intrigued and spoke to Mr Jenner of Jenner Homes who are building them. They are being fitted with solar thermal, PV, triple glazing, a charging system to minimise the heating requi ...

28th February 2017

UK wind generated more electricity in 2016 than coal

The UK generated more electricity from wind than from coal in 2016, new analysis by fact-checking organisation Carbon Brief suggests. To read more follow this link to Positive News ...

Logo for Greenpeace
23rd February 2017

Don't let the budget short change our climate

As you read this email, our Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is finalising the Budget that will help decide the future of energy and transport for the UK.

Greenpeace see it as a huge opportunity to tackle three big environmental issues - cleaning up air pollution, backing solar and giving a massive boost to offshore wind.

We need to ensure he invests in modern, clean technologies that will deliver new jobs, clean air and economic growth for the 21st century. Please read and sign our public letter to Philip Hammond.

2nd February 2017

How will data collected from smart meters help us?

The smart grid revolution is coming, whether you like it or not. With smart meters due in every home by 2020 some of us may be wondering why all this data needed, who will benefit and what risks come with it? We've tried to answer some of these kinds of questions in this blog on the YouGen website. ...

Logo for 38 Degrees
7th January 2017

Save Sherwood Forest and the UK Solar Industry

For those of you that can spare a moment to respond to an online petition, we have two petitions for you this month. 1.Protect Sherwood Forest Sherwood forest, home to ancient trees, rare wildlife and Robin Hood is in danger. A huge energy company, Ineos, is trying to get permission to explore un ...

Ecotricity logo
6th January 2017

Enhanced Switch to Ecotricity

Whilst stocks last, Sustainable Crediton supporters switching their electricity or gas supplies to Ecotricity will receive a free LED bulb kit worth about £30 which has the potential to save the user up to £65 per year on their electricity bill. In addition Ecotricity will donate up to £60 to Sust ...