Energy Group Aims and Plans for 2016

5 May 2016

Long Term Aim

  • Crediton and the surrounding areas to have an exemplary ecological footprint, lower than required to meet the aims of the Paris agreement.
  • New buildings powered by renewable energy, super-insulated and equipped with water conservation devices. All future building after 2020 will be zero carbon.
  • Old housing stock meets exceeds environmental standards, through widespread deployment of the most important energy reduction methods and technologies.
  • Citizens in Sustainable Crediton's catchment area are well informed both on fuel poverty and environmental grounds regarding energy demand, how to minimise it, and the most sustainable options for supply.
  • Relevant local officials and politicians (parish, town, district, and county) are successfully delivering green housing and holistic, sustainable energy and water services, and managing community demand. These officials are informed, supported, and held to account by Sustainable Crediton.

2016 Activities

a) Participate in the AD plant, Creedy Bridge and Tarka View planning processes.

b) Contribute to the sustainability sections of the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan

c) Negotiate an affinity scheme with Good Energy similar to the one we have with Ecotricity and promote the affinity schemes to our supporters

d) Investigate the feasibility of joining the Fuelling Connections scheme. This will involve seeing what resources in terms of people/time we would need to implement such a project and how success would be measured. If it looks feasible then we would have to recruit a new volunteer to run the programme.

e) Contact various organisations ( eg CAB, Food Bank, Credit Union, Senior Voice, Age Concern etc) with a view to promoting the Cosy Devon central heating offer. This will be done  either as part of Fuelling Connections or as a seperate activity.

f) Promote draught exclusion in homes.

g) Investigate and test a traffic light system for indicating to domestic consumers the times of peak electrical power demand. To encourage domestic consumers to switch their electrical power demand to off-peak times.