Long Term Aim

  • Crediton and the surrounding areas to have an exemplary ecological footprint, lower than required to meet the aims of the Paris agreement.
  • New buildings powered by renewable energy, super-insulated and equipped with water conservation devices. All future building after 2030 will be zero carbon.
  • Old housing stock meets exceeds environmental standards, through widespread deployment of the most important energy reduction methods and technologies.
  • Citizens in Sustainable Crediton's catchment area are well informed both on fuel poverty and environmental grounds regarding energy demand, how to minimise it, and the most sustainable options for supply.
  • Relevant local officials and politicians (parish, town, district, and county) are successfully delivering green housing and holistic, sustainable energy and water services, and managing community demand. These officials are informed, supported, and held to account by Sustainable Crediton.

2016 Activities

a) Participate in the AD plant, Creedy Bridge and Tarka View planning processes.

b) Contribute to the sustainability sections of the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan

c) Negotiate an affinity scheme with Good Energy similar to the one we have with Ecotricity and promote the affinity schemes to our supporters

d) Investigate the feasibility of joining the Fuelling Connections scheme. This will involve seeing what resources in terms of people/time we would need to implement such a project and how success would be measured. If it looks feasible then we would have to recruit a new volunteer to run the programme.

e) Contact various organisations ( eg CAB, Food Bank, Credit Union, Senior Voice, Age Concern etc) with a view to promoting the Cosy Devon central heating offer. This will be done  either as part of Fuelling Connections or as a seperate activity.

f) Promote draught exclusion in homes.

g) Investigate and test a traffic light system for indicating to domestic consumers the times of peak electrical power demand. To encourage domestic consumers to switch their electrical power demand to off-peak times.

14th December 2016

What is the future for the Energy Group?

Notes from meeting 1. Present Tom, Charles, Ed, John B and guests Kirsty Tooke (DARE), Chris Shears (Economic Development Officer at MDDC) and Mike Watts ( Precisely So - working with Tom) 2. Introductions (i) Kirsty explained that DARE had a community energy support programme ...

Logo for Friends of the Earth
30th November 2016

Ban Fracking Now

The government needs to listen to the people.

Support for fracking in the UK is at an all-time low. Despite the government backing fracking wherever it is proposed, people and communities object to it.

After the ratification of the Paris climate agreement the UK government needs to take action and keep fossil fuels in the ground by banning fracking in the UK.

More than 200 areas of the UK are earmarked for possible fracking - let's stop it now before the floodgates open.

Ask the government to listen to people and ban fracking now.

20th November 2016

Switch to Ecotricity

Ecotricity was founded in 1995 as the world's first green energy company and now supplies almost 200,000 customers across Britain from a growing fleet of wind and sun parks. Ecotricity is a 'not-for-dividend' enterprise that, on average over the last eleven years, has invested more per customer in ...

28th October 2016

A beginner's guide to fossil fuel divestment

Have you heard about the campaign to divest from fossil fuel investments and wondered what it is all about? If so this article from the Guardian explains it all. The Devon Pension Fund for Devon Councils managed by Devon County Council is believed to invest a huge £215,549,000 in Fossil Fuels. The ...

30th August 2016

Shale Wealth Fund Consultation

Plans for a Shale Wealth Fund were announced in last year's autumn statement with proceeds expected to be shared between community trusts and local authorities. However, the Shale Wealth Fund Consultation launched on 8 August 2016 includes the possibility of funds being paid directly to local resid ...

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31st July 2016

Abandon the Proposed Hinkley Nuclear Power Station

Last week saw a huge moment for people power. Despite French energy company EDF voting in favour of pushing ahead with Hinkley nuclear power station, the British government is now dithering. They announced they won't make a decision on the controversial nuclear plant until the autumn.

Together we've put the government on the back foot. And right now we've have a new opportunity to pile the pressure on, making sure Hinkley is finished for good.

Nearly 150,000 people have signed our petition demanding the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, drop Hinkley and invest in renewables instead. Can you share the petition with your friends and family and help us reach 200,000 before the government makes its final decision?

Your friends can sign here:

28th June 2016

Energy Group Gives Conditional Support to Crediton Biogas Plant

Planning Application for Construction of an anaerobic digestion plant at Lords Meadow Industrial Estate Application reference 16/00825/MFUL Sustainable Crediton Energy Group supports anaerobic digestion to treat and recycle farm wastes and in the process to provide a source of renewable energy ei ...

31st May 2016

RSPB Energy Futures

You might be surprised to read that the RSPB's work is far broader than nature reserves and Big Garden Birdwatch. The RSPB has just launched a new report showing how the UK could transform its energy system and meet its 2050 climate targets in harmony with nature whilst remaining affordable and sec ...

Logo for Friends of the Earth
31st May 2016

Say No to Fracking

Add your name to the People's Declaration. Say no to fracking.

North Yorkshire County Council have said Yes to dangerous fracking.

This is despite the opposition of thousands of local residents, businesses and Ryedale District Council.

Fracking poses unacceptable risks to people's health, homes and goes against everything we need to do to tackle climate change.

Please add your name to this petition.

5th May 2016

Energy Group Aims and Plans for 2016

Long Term Aim Crediton and the surrounding areas to have an exemplary ecological footprint, lower than required to meet the aims of the Paris agreement. New buildings powered by renewable energy, super-insulated and equipped with water conservation devices. All future building after 2020 will be ...

17th March 2016

Smart Energy Marketplace

Smart Energy Marketplace is all about showcasing the smart, decentralised energy system of the future - a radical shift in the way we power our lives that is creating huge opportunities. Alongside an exhibition of the latest smart energy technology and generation the event will feature a high level ...

Logo for Lapford Mill
3rd January 2016

Lapford Water Mill

Lapford Mill complex comprises the main house, a 14th Century cob building housing a rare 15th century oak muntin screen and bread oven, a connected two storey cottage and four storey water mill. Despite many renovations, the mill suffered dilapidation and damages due largely to the recent extreme ...