2nd December 2010

Energy Group News

Sandford Energy Project

We have issued a pre-tender questionnaire to nearly 30 local and national PV installers requesting information from them regarding our potential project. We want to find out whether there is potential for a group discount, how best to go about our project from an installer's perspective, which installers are genuinely interested in working with us, and among many other things which installers will work with us in a transparent and value adding way to offer our participants the best value for money in PV installations. We hope to short list to a few installers during December, so that we can go out to tender early in the new year. 

If you are interested in having PV installed and live in Crediton and District please get in touch, as the more homes involved the greater the discount we will be able to obtain.

Pioneer Microgenerators

A freedom of information request has revealed how little it would cost the electricity industry to include early adopters in the FIT scheme - £4.25 Million pa, under £100 million for lifetime of the scheme.

Here is the Government's official response to the pioneer microgenerator's petition.

30th October 2010

Sandford Energy Project

Is anyone considering purchasing PV panels in the near future? A group of Sandford residents, including some Sustainable Crediton supporters, are considering their options in Sandford with Linda Lever. One option which could be considered is obtaining a group discount from a reputable insta ...

16th October 2010

Zero Carbon Britain: Schumacher Conference

Britain has the skills, natural resources and potential to lead the world in carbon reduction. You can join the Centre for Alternative Technology, 10:10, World Wildlife Fund and others to explore how we can achieve this in an action packed day of lectures and workshops. Cost is £35, £25 c ...

3rd October 2010

Photo Voltaic Solar Electricity and solar hot water

If you are thinking of having solar hot water panels installed it might be best to wait until after April 2011 or at least until the Government makes an announcement on this topic. We hope there will be an arrangement called the renewable heat incentive similar to the FIT payments starting next year. We'll let you know if we hear anything.

There is disappointment for early adopters of renewable energy as the Coalition breaks a preelection promise of the Tories. After months of silence from energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne, he has finally spoken out on the subject of equal cashback for people who installed solar PV, micro wind or hydro before 15 July 2009.The promise was to pay the same rate to early adopters as new installations receive (that's 41.3p per unit rather than the miserly 9p they currently get). Recently Chris Huhne revealed that he's reneging on that promise in an answer to a question from Green MP Caroline Lucas.

31st August 2010

Energy Group News

There is a lot of interest in "rent a roof " solar panels schemes at the moment. We have reproduced part of an article by Cathy Debenham with kind permission from Yougen, an independent provider of information about renewable energy. There are a number of links embedded in the article which lead to further information.

29th July 2010

Sandford Community Energy Project

Plans are in the early stages to create a community PV energy project in Sandford that could involve a large number of interested residents. Anyone who lives in the Sandford area and would like to know more entirely without obligation, can contact me.

News from the BBC

Cornwall's Wave Hub energy project 'is going ahead'

Horse manure to power MOD office - the manure from horses in the King's Troop will be used to heat and light its new headquarters in south London.

19th July 2010

Energy Group Meeting

29th June 2010

Solar PV panels offered Free of Charge

Free solar panels, free electricity for your home - surely there must be a catch?

Icons showing the different types of things featured in the Sustainable Living Weekend
27th June 2010

Sustainable Living Weekend

The Food and Energy Groups were pleased with the public response to the Sustainable Living Weekend. Inspite of there being very hot weather, a multitude of other local events, world cup soccer and the thought that many people who visited last year might not have wanted to come again, ther ...

14th June 2010

Energy Group Meeting

28th April 2010

Will we switch to gas made from human waste?

As the UK faces the prospect of North Sea gas running out, could supply problems be eased by using gas made from human waste?

12th April 2010

Energy Group Meeting

30th March 2010

Unjust Treatment of Microgenerator pioneers

We are working with other pioneering microgenerators around the country to lobby the Government regarding their unjust treatment of early adopters of renewable energy. Letters have been written to our MP and Ed Miliband among others to attempt to get the pioneers included in the new feed-in tariff arrangements. We will also be asking for information from the government about the numbers of people impacted using the Freedon of Information Act. 

27th March 2010

Earth Hour

The World Wildlife Fund ask us to link up with 1 billion people across the world to focus attention on climate change by turning off our lights and as many of our electrical appliances and gadgets as we can for just one hour on Saturday evening 27th March. ...

8th March 2010

Energy Group Meeting

7th March 2010

Costa Rica Happy and Green

The BBC's James Painter examines why Costa Rica tends to score highly on surveys looking at wellbeing and the environment.

8th February 2010

Energy Group Meeting