10th December 2008

Energy Group News

The Energy Group is putting the finishing touches to next year's programme which will be published next month.

We had a stall at the WEN Gorgeously Green day where there was a lot of interest from people about their carbon
footprints. We measured about 20 with the lowest at around a tonne per adult and the highest close to 7 tonnes.

21st October 2008

Energy Group Meeting

17th October 2008

Energy Group News

Linda Lever and Charles Mossman are liaising with Devon Warm Zones and leafletted in the High Street on October Farmers Market day. We also had a recently graduated student from QECC, Sophie Gale, who is talking to the head of science about co-operating with us regarding the use of the smart meters at QE.

Tom Langdon-Davies had a meeting with Matthew Spencer of Regen SW to explore better ways to get community benefit from renewable projects.

Ecotricity have managed to get a project in Torridge District approved by the council, the first time a large wind installation has been approved in Devon without a very expensive appeal.

9th September 2008

Energy Group Meeting

26th June 2008

Energy Group Meeting

29th May 2008

Smart Electricity meters

Crediton Town Council has donated £125 to the Energy Group to purchase Smart Electrcity meters.

The plan is to distribute these meters to local schools for pupils to take home and monitor the energy usage of common household appliances such as kettles, toasters, computers etc to encourage people to 'switch off' and use appliances more responsibly.

Lets get the kids to nag their parents on this important issue!!

30th April 2008

Energy Group News

In an attempt to keep your minds bubbling with local energy ideas (!), here are a few news snippets....

PV Arrays

I've done a comparison (corrected for the slightly different sized arrays) between the output of my own PV array and that of Richard Bell at Cadeleigh, for the period Sept 2007 to the present day. It shows significant day-to-day difference in generated output between the two sites, totalling some 429 units (kWH) in that time:-

Richard's in Cadeleigh  = 2274
Mine in Sandford        = 1845

I have more detail if anyone's interested, but it shows how crucial location and roof orientation can be! We are less than 10 km apart, so would have experienced roughly the same weather!

Beech Hill Wind Turbine

The wind turbine at the Beech Hill community (Morchard Bishop) has just clocked up its 3,000th kWH, and I'm told everyone's rather pleased with its performance. Even in the very strong winds of a while back, it apparently did not shut itself down by turning side-on to the wind, but feathered its blades a tad and kept on going.

Clear Skies?

I was very struck by this fine picture of Flagstaff, Arizona. When I first arrived here 35 years ago I can remember dazzlingly bright Milky Way nights. Now (even assuming you get a clear night ) light pollution means that today's kids round here will never see our Galaxy that way unless we do something. Can you remember when you last saw a cloud (as per the picture) partially illuminated by starlight?  It may be stretching our terms of reference** a bit, but I wonder if another part of the Energy Group's activities should be to lobby for less public and private illumination, both to save energy and to reduce light pollution? After all, everyone pays through Council Tax for all the inefficient and excessive public illumination. Just a thought!

Mike Brett

9th April 2008

Energy Group News and Request

One of the actions the group is taking is to accumulate the best picture we can of how much microgeneration of energy already takes place in the
locality. Please could you let me know of anyone you're aware of who has any of these technologies on their house?

* Photo-voltaic panel (for electricity)
* Wind turbine (for electricity)
* Solar panel (for hot water)
* Heat Pump (for house heating and hot water)
* Water 'mill' (for electricity)
* Wood pellet boiler (for house heating and hot water)
* Any other "advanced technology" system (but not conventional wood burning stoves, thanks)

It would be very helpful if you could check with people that they are happy to be included in our survey before giving me their details, but if not I'm quite happy to do that myself.

Ideally what I'd like is the:
* Site Address (to put a blob on a map)
* Contact name and phone or email
* The type and power rating of whatever item(s) they have
Thank you

25th March 2008

Energy Group Meeting

27th February 2008

E-Day: UK homes urged to 'leave it off'

Britons are being asked to "leave it off" later this month, to show that cutting home energy use can have an impact on climate change. Read the full article here. ...

13th February 2008

Energy Group Meeting