Part 2: Grant and Tariff Updates, Supplier Selection

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At the start of February, the Government announced the final details of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme and closed the old £2500 capital grant scheme to new projects. Fortunately we managed to secure our grant during January. The FIT for new PV installations will be 41.3 p for all units generated plus 3p for any units exported. The FITs will be index linked annually and confirmed as tax free. 

We invited four West Country installers of PV systems to quote for our work: 

Two of these companies (Beco and Solarsense)  were selected based on feedback from CCA members who already have PV systems installed.

Initially, all were willing to give us a budget estimate based on approximate dimensions provided by us and photographs of our cottage and its roof. Of these estimates, Becosolar was over 10% higher than two which were similarly priced (Solarsense and Chris Rudge), and one, G R Edwardes, which was 10% lower than the other two.

We short-listed to Solarsense and Chris Rudge as G R Edwardes had only very limited practical experience. 

The two short-listed companies performed site surveys and provided us with firm quotations. Interestingly, the site surveys had no effect on the budget prices originally submitted as the job was deemed by both to be uncomplicated. We decided to give the work to Solarsense as they were cheaper than Chris Rudge and had masses of experience in installing PV systems.

Our installation is booked for week commencing 6th April.