Photo Voltaics - could they be for you?

Photograph of photovoltaic panels on a roof

Why Solar PV?

  • Save on CO2 emissions - reduce your carbon footprint

  • Save on your electricity bills

  • Get paid tax free and index linked Feed In Tariff for 25 years for all electricity generated.

  • Protection from increasing energy costs - electricity that you use is free.

  • Earn extra for all electricity exported - if you don't use it in your home, any electricity that you export to the National Grid earns you extra money.

  • Increase the value of your property.

Requirements for PV

You need a reasonable sized roof facing south, south-west or south-east which is not shaded by trees or buildings. The roof must be structurally sound.

Free installation offers

We have investigated these and found catches in most of them. If you have some savings or can secure a loan, it's better to pay for installation yourself and gain the FIT money.