Plug In energy Monitors at the Library

Photograph of lots of books in a library

The library in Crediton now has plug-in energy monitor packs that can be taken out free of charge, just like a book on your library card.

The pack consists of the monitor, a set of instructions on how to calculate energy use, the cost of running the appliance and the carbon it generates.

There is also a contact page for the Energy Savings Trust and a very informative booklet 'Climate Change - simple things you can do to make a difference' from the GREEN BOOKS GUIDES series.

DCC has 250 of these packs around the county, of which 5 are based in Crediton.  These 5 are all out at the moment, so are already proving popular.

Bea who runs Crediton Library says that this is a pilot project for DCC and if it proves to be popular they will try some other schemes - as yet unspecified.