Help with Improving Your Home Insulation

Insulating your home is one of the most effective measures householders can take to save energy, with up to a third of heat loss in an uninsulated home being through the walls and a quarter through the roof.

There are FREE and DISCOUNTED offers for loft and cavity wall insulation to homeowners and private tenants in Devon - helping you keep warm this winter as well as making savings on your fuel bills.

If you are aged 70 or over, or in receipt of qualifying income related benefits, then cavity wall and loft insulation may be fitted free of charge. Deeply discounted rates apply if you are between 60-69 or have a household income of less than £18,000. If you are aged under 60 and have an annual household income of more than £18,000 other discounted rates apply.

To find out more call 0800 512012 which is the Energy Saving Trust's helpline and ask to speak to an advisor who will explain the process to be followed and the terms that apply.

The free and discounted insulation is funded and delivered by all major energy suppliers.